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We Are New Mexico's Local Solar Company

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Our Story

Solar X is proud to be locally owned and operated in Albuquerque, New Mexico. With extensive experience in the solar industry, we pride ourselves on providing our customers with solar energy solutions that will not only save them money on their electric bill, but also doing our part to help others see the benefits of eco-friendly solutions.

From residential and commercial properties to maintenance and financing options, we’re sure you’ll love the money you save by switching to solar. It’s our mission to provide our customers with the highest quality products in the industry at an affordable price, while also seeing a quick return on investment. Whether you are in Los Lunas to Santa Fe or somewhere in between, turn to Solar X to start experiencing the incredible power of solar.


Solar X is the only solar solution provided by a general contractor, this allows Solar X to sell and perform energy efficient upgraded that can be tied into your renewable energy project. Don’t stress trying to piece all the pieces of your project together! Allow Solar X to be your one stop solar contractor. 



Lost deep in thought about changing the world… How can we help solve problems for everyday people like you and me? How can we provide a solution that will impact the way the world is shaped for the future? How can we be different, but effective, in creating a more sustainable future for future generations? Through countless hours spent of our lives, dedicated to brainstorming and formulating to ensure Solar X was created just for you.


“Since its birth, The Solar X team believed in serving the community and putting customers first providing unapparelled customer service. This meant under promising and overdelivering, respecting others, and owning and learning from mistakes. We strive to do what is right, not what is easy. Our company, family and team maintain its foundation with strong Christian values, morals, and ethics. We are grateful to be a part of such an amazing industry and to have been blessed to work with so many others that support us in what we do.” 

Solar X is a team of the Nation’s leading Rooftop Solar Installers.  We strive to deliver world-class installations with industry-leading customer experiences.